Digital Infrastructure Specialists

As one of the first and only Digital Infrastructure Specialists in the UK, iTG offer a unique range of iT services specifically designed to help companies embrace the use of digital products that can streamline productivity, heighten security and increase visibility of your business. Download our iTG-Group-Services-Guide datasheet

iTG Support

As iT becomes more complex and integral to your day to day operations any downtime will have a huge effect and cost to your business. By adopting a proactive approach to support you will minimise...

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iTG CloudBase

Cloud computing is a term used to describe moving the access to email and company files from internal computers and servers to a data centre that is accessible via the internet. The advantages of moving...

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iTG Web Sight

With over 98% of business having some form of online presence iTG Group created a division called "Web Sight Technologies" specifically designed to help companies make the most of this opportunity...

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iTG SearchVista

With competition for business and new customers becoming more and more fierce just presuming people will find your company and purchase products is one of the biggest reasons for companies to fail...

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iTG OneVoice

iTG OneVoice is a solution where the equipment needed to process telephone calls and offer telephone features is located on our service platform premises rather than the customers premises...

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Locate any file or image in seconds in multiple locations, search on multiple tags and terms, save time and money no more endless searching for missing files and digital assets for your client or organisation...

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