Our web browser accessible software can, like other competing products sit independently on a new or existing server or cloud hosting platform and provide a portal for organising and searching for files in multiple locations.  Where we differ is that we have developed and tested a unique method of integration of our DAMS solution onto a physical on premise, Synology large volume storage NAS device,  removing the requirement and cost for a separate server.

Our fully integrated software automatically indexes every file you have in your organisation regardless of its storage location. The software engine then places the files into categories, dates, tags, genre, customer, type, size, location, project and much more searchable and customisable information. A thumbnail preview is generated for each file or a short clip is created for any Video media.

Users have the ability to browse, search and locate on any device, including Mac, PC, Tablet and Mobile every file in your organisation. Imagine a client requesting an image from an archive project five years ago that they could not remember the exact date or campaign details for. How long would it take you to find this file? Our DAMS solution will narrow the search in seconds.

You can even allow your clients restricted access to their own Digital Assets. Fully branded with your own or their brand and with or without watermark, including an optional shopping cart for purchase or delivery of the assets.

The solution is delivered customised to your organisation with colours logos, search fields and with or without a shopping cart and multiple client access.  We can provide, install and support a fully integrated solution with a Synology storage device for any volume of data anywhere in the UK.  Aswell as providing unlimited storage expansion, the Synology hardware can also provide vital off site backup and disaster recovery via the internet to iTG CloudBase secure data centre storage. Our iTG CloudBase solution offers a low fixed cost per gigabyte or terrabyte alternative to Amazon’s open ended cost S3 solution.  Back up of data to portable storage devices is also available.


The big question is how much does it cost?


We guarantee that our Digital Asset Management Software solution will cost at least 30% less than any other equivalent solution currently available and offer much more features and customisation to meet your business requirements.

iTG DAMs is the ideal solution and perfect fit for every size of Creative business.  We can even customise, install and then maintain and support the solution remotely via our own dedicated support helpdesk.

We are not a large sales orientated organisation so we promise we won’t bombard you with unwanted follow up calls and emails. So the next step is simple, just tell us by email or phone your business scenario. Your industry,  your file storage requirements, your backup requirements, your customisation requirements and then we will send you some solutions and their associated costs.  telephone 01625 613633 or email [email protected]