iTG OneVoice Internet Telephony

iTG OneVoice is an internet telephony solution also known as VoIP or SIPS where the equipment needed to process telephone calls and offer telephone features is located on our service platform premises rather than the customers premises. This reduces investment and responsibilities of major equipment ownership. When combined with VoIP (voice over internet protocol) a number of other benefits arise such as;

Mutlilocation – iTG OneVoice gives customers the ability to make two or more locations or remote workers all part of the same calling group no matter where in the world they actually are and with no charge to call between locations using the same phone numbers.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) – iTG OneVoice enables CTI solutions where telephone calling and functions can be controlled by the user’s PC, and where telephone information can be integrated with other software applications like CRM and call monitoring for reporting or billing purposes.

iTG also provides a wireless virtual phone system solution using mobile phone sim card technology for fast role out at an affordable fixed monthly cost with all calls inclusive. All the features of a conventional phone system and totally portable. Download or view our data sheets here:

How Hosted VoIP saves you money

If call quality is, under some circumstances, less reliable than fixed line, PSTN telephony, the cost savings of VoIP need to be pretty compelling, don’t they? Fortunately, they are.

First of all, there’s no capital outlay. You can buy VoIP as a utility, just like you buy computation in the cloud – this can include the central infrastructure and even the handsets. Then there’s call costs. All internal calls will be free. All VoIP to VoIP calls on the same provider will be free. And, thanks to the use of commoditised hardware components over costly, purpose-built PBX kit, local, national and international call costs can be reduced significantly – as low as 0.001 pence per minute in some cases.

Operational benefits of hosted VoIP

Traditional telephony hasn’t really evolved much in recent years and even advanced functions seem rooted in outdated foundations like touch tone dialling. VoIP on the other hand has kept pace with technology and business demands, offering these additional attractive features:

Extension mobility – take your office extension with you to any handset on the network

Fixed Mobile convergence – no longer are your landline and your mobile two completely separate things, transfer calls between them or forward your landline to your mobile.

Call screening – get caller information and call screening on par with mobile phones.

Conference calls and coaching – Baked in conference calling is easier than ever on modern VoIP systems and it’s possible to listen in, and even barge in, on sales and customer service calls.

Scalability – just like cloud computing, it’s easy to scale or reconfigure VoIP systems as requirements change.


iTG OneVoice VOIP Features

• Reduced cost of harware investment and associated maintenance costs

• Virtual PBX with instantly scalable capacity for lines and extensions

• Many features like follow me extensions and voicemail notifications

• Multiple offices and remote workers all on the same number and system

• Work from anywhere capabilties and a true disaster recovery solution

• Integrate telephony into users’ PC’s smart phones and CRM software

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