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Benefits of upgrading to Microsoft 365 Premium

In a nutshell, Microsoft 365 Business Premium combines productivity tools, collaboration features, and advanced security capabilities. It is a subscription-based plan that is best suited to SMEs that lets you run your business in the cloud, and all the benefits that this delivers.

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It offers all the components of Business Standard, but many see it was an investment in not only your company’s future productivity and growth but also security.

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Benefits of upgrading

1. Enhanced security and compliance:

Business Premium offers advanced security features, including identity and access management, cyberthreat protection, and sensitive information protection. It helps to protect your business data from unauthorised access, phishing attacks, and data leaks and its compliance tools help you meet industry standards and regulations.

2. Full suite of Office apps:

Business Premium provides both web-based and desktop versions of the Office apps so you can work online or offline with familiar tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. You can also collaborate seamlessly across devices and platforms using Microsoft Teams and Loop.

3. Device management:

You can manage your devices more effectively by enforcing security policies, managing updates, and ensuring consistent user experiences. This is ideal for businesses with remote workers or a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.

4. Sensitive data protection:

With privacy and data security never more important, Business Premium allows you to discover, classify, and protect sensitive information within your organisation. It prevents the accidental sharing of confidential data and safeguards intellectual property and customer information.

5. Premium support:

Business Premium subscribers receive priority assistance via phone and web support for technical issues to help resolve problems quickly to minimise downtime. There are also benefits for your IT support partner in managing your Microsoft licences.

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6. Additional Features:

There are also a host of additional features that are available in Business Premium, including the ability to host webinars with attendee registration and reporting, set up collaborative team workspaces using Microsoft Loop for team collaboration and video editing and design tools via Microsoft Clipchamp.

Why Upgrade?

Business Premium combines productivity, collaboration, and security features. If you need both web-based and desktop apps, upgrade. If you need effective device management and sensitive data protection, then you need to upgrade. And if you require advanced security and compliance, then you definitely need to upgrade.