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Classic Teams will reach the end of support starting 1st July 2024.

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What users will experience after 31st March 2024

Starting in March 2024, any Classic Teams users who haven’t updated to New Teams will begin seeing an informational banner to remind them about the Classic Teams end of support timeline. This banner will appear in the main Teams client window at the top of the page (underneath the main bar).



On 1st July 2024, Classic Teams becomes unsupported. Users still running Classic Teams will experience in-app dialog messages informing them that the client is no longer supported. These dialogs will prompt the user to update.

Microsoft is automatically rolling out the new teams to devices and will start to attempt to uninstall the Classic Teams client 14-days after this deadline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does my company need to do?:
Nothing. Your users will get the new Teams client automatically as the roll out is handled by Microsoft.

What If we have both versions installed?:
Only New Teams will work after the end of availability, and Microsoft will attempt to uninstall the Classic Teams client after 14 days.

What If only the New Teams version is installed?:
There won’t be any difference.

What if a user can’t install New Teams  due to a compatibility reason, such as unsupported operating system?:
These users will be allowed to use Classic Teams until June 30, 2025 to allow for updating operating system. After June 30, 2025, Classic Teams won't work. During this period, users will experience frequent popups warning of end of support.