In April 2022 we asked for our clients’ feedback on how we are performing.

Firstly, we wanted to thank each and every one of our fantastic clients for taking the time to respond.

We used the Net Promotor Score (NPS) metric, a globally recognised survey mechanism, to gain insight into how we are performing. NPS is measured by asking ‘the ultimate question’: on a scale of 1-10 how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?

It is calculated simply by subtracting the percentage of our clients who are classified as detractors (those who scored 0 to 6) from those who are classified as promoters (those who scored 9 or 10).

And we are delighted to report that we recorded a score of +78, which is above average for our industry. And according to various sources, this means we are delivering an ‘excellent’ service.

We also asked for additional comments and the word cloud below shows a snapshot of some of the keywords that were used.

There are of course areas that need some work and we will be looking to make improvements to our services, and how we deliver them to our clients, using this vital feedback.

While any comments received from the recent survey remain confidential, over the years we have received many testimonials from our clients. Read what they have to say.

iTG Technologies

Established in 1998 and based in Macclesfield, Cheshire we offer a range of information and communications technology (ICT) support services to our national client base. These services include proactive managed support, cyber security, cloud services and unified communications. We also offer web development and online marketing services including a specialist e-commerce build and management solution.