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The importance of managed mobile devices in cybersecurity

Mobile devices have become indispensable tools for work, communication, and accessing information on the go. However, their ubiquity also makes them a prime target for cyber threats.

We understand the critical need for managing mobile devices from a security perspective, ensuring they are not the weak link in your cybersecurity chain.

A potential gateway for cyber threats

While mobile devices offer unparalleled convenience, they are often overlooked from a security standpoint. Unmanaged mobile devices can become a gateway for cybercriminals to infiltrate your network.

Here are some common risks associated with unmanaged mobile devices:

1. Unsecured access points:

Mobile devices connect to various networks, including public Wi-Fi, increasing the risk of unauthorised access and data interception.

2. Lack of device encryption:

Without proper management, mobile devices may lack encryption, making it easier for cybercriminals to access sensitive information in the event of loss or theft.

3. Outdated software and patches:

Unmanaged devices may not receive timely software updates and security patches, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation of known vulnerabilities.

4. Unauthorised app installations:

Users on unmanaged devices may install applications without proper scrutiny, unknowingly introducing malware or other security risks to the device and, consequently, to your network.


Enhanced security and administrative control

We believe in proactive security measures that leave no room for vulnerabilities. Our mobile device management services offer a comprehensive solution to the challenges posed by unmanaged mobile devices.

Here's how we enhance security and administrative control:

1. Mobile device management (MDM):

We utilise a leading MDM application called Microsoft Intune to centralise control over mobile devices. This allows us to enforce security policies, manage configurations, and ensure that devices adhere to your organisation's security standards.


2. Enhanced encryption protocols:

Microsoft Intune ensures that mobile devices are equipped with robust encryption protocols, safeguarding sensitive data from unauthorised access in case of loss or theft.

3. Timely software updates:

We ensure that all mobile devices under our management receive timely software updates and security patches, reducing the risk of exploitation by cyber threats.

4. App whitelisting and control:

With Intune we implement app whitelisting and control to prevent unauthorised app installations. This minimises the risk of introducing malicious software to your network through mobile devices.

5. Remote wipe capability:

In the unfortunate event that a device is lost or stolen, our services include the capability for remote wipe. This allows us to remotely erase sensitive data on the device, preventing unauthorised access and minimising potential data breaches.


How MDM works

Mobile Device Management is like having a dedicated guardian for your mobile devices.

1. Device enrolment:

We ensure that every mobile device used within your organisation is enrolled in our MDM system. This includes smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices that access your network.

2. Security policies implementation:

We configure and enforce security policies on enrolled devices. This can include password requirements, encryption protocols, and restrictions on certain device functionalities to enhance overall security.

3. Monitoring and alerts:

Our MDM system continuously monitors the security status of enrolled devices. Any deviations from established security policies trigger alerts, allowing us to swiftly address potential security threats.

4. Remote management:

Our MDM application provides the ability for remote management, allowing us to troubleshoot issues, apply updates, and, if necessary, initiate a remote wipe to protect sensitive data.


The benefits of managed mobile devices

Our MDM services comes with a multitude of benefits for your organisation:

1. Proactive security:

Stay ahead of potential threats with proactive security measures, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorised access.

2. Centralised control:

Microsoft Intune allows for centralised control over all mobile devices, streamlining administrative tasks and ensuring consistent security policies.

3. Cost-efficiency:

Proactively managing mobile devices can lead to cost savings by preventing potential security incidents that may result in data loss, reputational damage, and financial repercussions.

4. Remote wipe for data protection:

In the event of a lost or stolen device, the ability for remote wipe ensures that sensitive data remains protected, minimising the impact of a security incident.

Managing mobile devices is an integral component of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. Our aim is to fortify your digital defences by providing enhanced security and administrative control over your mobile devices. Don't let the convenience of mobile technology compromise your organisation's security.