BOOM! is the concept of Build, Operate, Optimise, Market.

In other words we provide it all – design, development, hosting including maintenance & support, optimise for SEO, marketing campaigns, PPC, SEO & social media campaigns.

Cheshire Cheese Company has a lot to Grin about after using iTG’s BOOM! E-Commerce Services to upgrade to the Magento 2 platform.

Cheshire Cheese Company are the producers of a premium range of a unique and award winning range of cheese, all packaged as individual wax truckles. Their online business started using OsCommerce back in 2010 and we migrated them a couple of years later to Magento 1.x.
With the announcement by Magento of their imminent end of support for version 1, which was originally muted as July 2018, iTG successfully migrated them again this time from Magento version 1.9 to 2.2. Although the upgrade seems small in numbers terms, do not be deceived as the step up is major and difficult for many reasons. Magento 2.x has been available for a while but few adopted the upgrade mainly as 3rd party extensions were not available. Post announcement of the end of life for M1, saw developers hurriedly develop versions for M2. The new version of Magento is very different and still effectively an ongoing beta. So adding into this the many version 1.0 extensions required is challenging as these developers point the blame to each others new projects. Our role as well as developing our clients platform has been to mediate and apportion responsibility for bug fixes.

Migrating from Version 1 to 2

At this point you may be asking is it worth upgrading and the answer is a resounding yes. It is essential because Magento 1 is still very soon due to become unsupported. Despite the inconvenience of migration, the move is a necessity to keep pace with customer expectation. Magento 2 is developed with high speed mobile shopping as a core consideration. Mobile devices are used for an ever growing 70%+ of all online shopping. If your e-commerce site is not fast enough or responsive enough for all mobile devices, then expect to lose that customer. Loading and browsing speed was always the challenge with Magento 1. Version 2 uses advanced caching and the latest technologies to reaffirm its place as the worlds number one, choice of e-commerce platform.

Experience is essential for the migration and iTG have the scars and solutions ready to make the process as slick as possible. We can import over to our Magento 2 platform pretty much everything from any other e-commerce platform including; products and variations, inventory, prices, customers, passwords, orders, reviews, SEO Meta, static pages and all images.
We will at the point of migration have already created a new and compelling design and agreed on a new site structure with usability given priority to generate conversions. Our processes allow a controlled and fully managed deployment of your new site.

Build Operate Optimise Market. (BOOM!)

Our key to your success is to provide you with our in-house development; hosting with maintenance and support; optimisation of your site and digital marketing with managed campaigns for SEO, Pay per click and social media. The winning combination means you have one point of contact with no passing of blame and a budget friendly single monthly fee.
The iTG Group provide their BOOM! E-Commerce service to Cheshire Cheese Company. This has helped increase their online customer and Cheese Club Membership to over 50,000, and improved their brand awareness. Having enjoyed a consistent 35% growth every year we initiated an aggressive digital marketing campaign last year which produced growth of 86% in sales with a return on investment that incrementally increased their profits.
Cheshire Cheese was already using our BOOM! E-Commerce integrated channels, for eBay and Amazon when we suggested increasing their multi-channel offering as a natural expansion of their business. Amazon Prime has been the first and very successful step for them. We switched them to a one click shipping integration of Royal Mail 24 service and channel sales have already in the last six week increased by 30%. The next phase is the creation of native language versions of their products in German, French, and Italian, all of which are built and accessed from the same Magento admin. E-commerce sites dedicated with native language will achieve on average 80% more conversions to sales than English only or translate filters. The multi-language translated products will still share the same inventory and pricing structures and if required promotions. The native language sites will also be used to list in the corresponding Amazon and eBay country channels, continuing to support the ongoing international expansion lead by their wholesale division.
iTG BOOM! E-Commerce is an easy to access service with your budget broken down and spread over 12-36 months fixed cost payments. We look for mutual long term partners to hold hands with. We won’t take your money and run and together we create and enjoy success.

iTG Hosting Team

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