iTG OneVoice

Feature Rich & Unified

Cloud Phone System

The new iTG OneVoice 3CX voice over IP telephony solution will unify your phone communications seamlessly with the rest of your IT technology. Flexibility is essential for modern effective working and iTG OneVoice will enable working from anywhere via our web and phone Apps.
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Improve your collaboration solutions, boosts productivity and increase mobility

Isn’t it time that your phone calls caught up with the rest of your technology?

Unified Communications

  • Sync with Office 365 & Azure AD
  • Integrate with Website & Live Chat
  • Hot Desking fully supported
  • Internal Instant Messaging

Video Conferencing

  • Fully integrated to main system
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface
  • Send invites & schedule meetings
  • Launch calls from your CRM

Go Mobile

  • iOS & Android smartphone app
  • Make & receive calls in app
  • Fully integrated & simple to use
  • Included at no extra cost

Web & Desktop

  • Intuitive web client for each user
  • Easily set your custom status
  • Instant access to phonebook
  • Barge in, listen or whisper
Increased productivity & reduced costs

Why Choose OneVoice?

  • Reduce capital investment costs as no on premise system required.
  • Call recording, voicemail and fax to email as an attached media file.
  • Increase company productivity and reduce risks and liabilities.
  • Work from anywhere capabilities and a true disaster recovery solution.
  • Intelligent routing that can be linked to your mobile phone to answer and make calls from the company number.
  • Regional dialling code specific numbers to give a local feel and national presence.
  • Intelligent call routing for efficient customer service.
  • FSA & GDPR Call recording compliant (out-out feature)
  • Full suite of real time reports instantly accessible via a web browser.
  • Record all calls both Inbound and outbound by default.
  • Re-use your existing phone number range even if you are moving away from the exchange area.
  • Every user has a voicemail as standard
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Just some of the amazing features included with iTG OneVoice are shown below, for a no obligation trial get in touch.

Integrate with your CRM

With iTG OneVoice, you can integrate your CRM or Accounting System with your phone system and be able to launch calls with a single click. Inbound calls are automatically linked to the customer record which pops-up on the screen and all calls are logged in the CRM package. Works with Zoho | Microsoft Dynamics | Office 365 | Sales Force | Zendesk.

Call Recording

Call recording from OneVoice allows you to record any or all of the calls within your organisation. Fully controllable call recording is a very useful tool to provide proof of conversations and also a good way to train staff as well as providing regulations compliance.  Allows callers to opt-out for full GDPR compliance.

Auto Attendant & IVR

The OneVoice system has an Auto Attendant and IVR management solution as standard. This gives the ability to transfer and route calls directly to a user, department or service or even another location without the use of a receptionist.

Geo & Non Geo Number Provisioning

The OneVoice system allows for the provisioning of UK geographic and non-geographic numbers. These numbers can be allocated as both Inbound or Outbound numbers, fax to email or conference numbers and can be delivered to a configured IP Handset within minutes.

Full Reporting & Diagnostics

OneVoice comes as standard with a powerful reporting suite accessible via a browser. Once logged in you can report on all aspects of the phone system operation and all calls incoming and outgoing, including all system diagnostics.

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Your extension can follow you around the world and provide as standard, your entire organisation and customers, with video and voice conferencing, meeting and sharing of screen applications.  Recording of all incoming and outgoing calls for FSA and GDPR compliance and training purposes is available to all OneVoice customers.


iTG OneVoice simply integrates your phone traffic into your Office 365 accounts, your CRM system, and even your Live Chat on your website so you never miss an opportunity to connect with a prospect.


You would normally associate such amazing features with a prohibitive cost for most small businesses. The good news is if you are already an iTG OneVoice customer the upgrade is free with a renewal of contract.  If you are looking to switch to us we guarantee we can match or beat any like for like quotation, with probably the best value for money solution available.  with feature rich functions that will rival any corporate business, and inspire confidence into your customers.  For a free demonstration and no obligation no hassle quotation email [email protected], call us (+44 01625 613633) or use our live chat to connect using iTG OneVoice!

Looking to reduce your telephony costs with a scalable & flexible solution?

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