Heating things up for Radiatorsonline.com with iTG BOOM! E-Commerce

When iTG met the team from Radiatorsonline.com their e-commerce solution was decidely luke warm. As one of the UK’s largest suppliers of radiators they needed to reflect their amazing range of unique products in their e-commerce website solution. They were operating an out of date Opencart solution that was not fit for purpose in both function and features. A new design and fresh approach was needed using the core Adobe Magento 2.3 platform and the philosophies of our iTG BOOM! E-Commerce solution.

The challenge was to migrate their site to minimise the work required to populate their new sales platform. We used our own tried and tested migration tools to transfer all of the content from the Opencart over to Magento 2. This included, products, categories, options, customers, orders, SEO and static content. This reduced the build time and cost of development for both iTG and the in-house team at Radiatorsonline.

We concentrated on improving the navigation and user experience with added calls to action for a new shop by room, inspirations and designer collection. Filtering by multiple product feature combinations is now available for every category, as well as a unique and important bespoke BTU room calculator and filter.  The new site incorporates multiple new time saving and customer retention features, including the ability to process orders over the phone, send a cart and process the order.

Multi-Channel sales from a centralised administration

An essential for all of our iTG BOOM! solutions is the full integration of multi-channel sales and management. With 76% of online purchasers visting Amazon it would be foolish to ignore this massive sales opportunity.  As standard both Amazon and eBay channel listings, sales and processing of orders are managed from within our Magento BOOM! alongside the web sales. This centralisation draws stock levels from the same inventory and specific volumes can be allocated to a channel to satisfy the Amazon Prime guarantees. Multi-language versions of your website, for native language site deployments and eBay and Amazon sales are ready to be easily deployed when you reach that point of expansion.

BOOM! is the concept of Build, Operate, Optimise, Market.

In other words we provide it all – design, development, hosting including maintenance & support, optimise for SEO, marketing campaigns, PPC, SEO & social media campaigns, all for a single monthly cost with the development costs spread over a 12 month or 24 months period.

The new site has been developed by our own dedicated team; iTG WebSight and is built on iTG’s own Magento 2 templated platform.  Widely recognised as the best e-commerce solution in the world, Magento was recently acquired by Adobe for $1.65bn ensuring its future development potential. The live site is hosted on our own managed dedicated Magento hosting servers; configured to provide the fastest possible consistent buyer experience all with instant scalability options as they grow.

Radiatorsonline.com has a feature rich platform capable of selling on mobile devices and multi-channels. Their new website is mobile responsive and has both Amazon and eBay integrated, both are using the same products and inventory as the main website for all three sales channels.  iTG offer scalability with full integration and automation of payments by Braintree and multiple shipping options.

Many features are included as standard with our deployments that will automate and streamline the customer experience and incentives to convert to purchase. Are you looking for an effective and affordable e-commerce partnership? We can migrate from any other exisiting shop to our Magento 2 platform and we can help you kick start a new idea or concept. Contact Matthew Shelton +44(0)1625 613633 for a no obligation guide to our partnership costs.

Digital Marketing is the key to success

Essential for any e-commerce business is digital marketing of for the brand and products. Building a site with search engine optimisation as a core consideration is often overlooked by some development companies. Our dedicated in-house iTG SearchVista online digital marketing team are providing managed SEO, PPC and Social media campaigns with the task of promoting the new site; brand; products and generating traffic to the site. This is challenging as their market is very competitive, however the groundwork laid by having both development, support and digital teams under one roof gives us a distinct advantage for our customers. Our dedicated team of specialists have a proven track record of getting results and removing the hassle and pressure from internal resources. Contact Simon Lees +44(0)1625 613633 for a free assesment audit and quote for digital marketing.

iTG Hosting Team

Affordable and great value for money hosting plans with accessible phone support. All of our hosting servers infrastructure is securely hosted in the UK by our own highly experienced engineers who ensure you have 99.9% uptime guarantee.