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Combining a defence in depth approach with specialist training to keep your business secure

Cyber-attacks are on the rise and can result in business disruption, reputational damage and financial loss. With more people working outside the protective bubble of your office infrastructure, we’ll work with you to identify your risks and implement a robust security solution.

Enterprise-grade cyber security for your business

In addition to a free risk audit and a host of specialist tools, we work closely with several leading cyber security vendors to implement enterprise-grade security solutions for your business. Our cyber security training academy will transform your employees into your first line of defence.


The statistics make for startling reading and highlight the threats posed by cyber-attacks...

of cyber security breaches are due to human error
of data breaches are connected to phishing
of staff have clicked on a phishing email
of employees have made a security mistake at work

How we can support you

Info Security & Data Protection

Ensure your data is only seen by those that should see it, such as managing permissions through Microsoft’s Active and Azure Directories and that it's protected with file level encryption and effective backups.

Incident Mitigation & Mgt

Following an attack, we’ll get your business up and running fast, repair damage where possible and then investigate to help prevent future attacks. However, prevention is the key here and we’ll implement a series of strategies to limit your risk.

Human Risk Management

Calculate, reduce and monitor human cyber risk with user-focused security. Understand and strengthen your security posture against human error and user-targeted attacks through ongoing Human Risk Management (HRM).

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a government backed scheme that will help you to put in place a sound security framework to protect you from the growing threat of cyber attacks. We can assist you in defining the controls and collating the information required to attain certification.

Data Protection & GDPR

GDPR places significant emphasis on businesses to ensure personal data is protected and stored in a highly secure manner. We can help you to maintain the right tools to ensure compliance, such as encrypted file storage and security best practises to protect you against data breaches.


An advanced risk assessment on the technologies you use and the systems and structures of your business, while working with you to ensure that policy documentation is in order and compliant with appropriate standards, such as Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.

Security Monitoring

The continuous monitoring of logon events and suspicious network access using our remote management platform and leading vendor tools. We also configure alerts from your cloud providers where possible to react quickly to any security incident.

Email Simulations

Designed to look like legitimate messages our email phishing simulation sends spoof emails to your users. This identifies where there is a need for cyber security awareness training as your employees are often the source of any breaches.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are often unmanaged from a security perspective and a route through which networks can be attacked. Our service allows you to have greater security and administrative control of your devices and data including remote wipe when required.

Penetration Testing

We assist third party specialists with external penetration testing that involves running scans on the perimeter of your network or website to stamp out security weaknesses. Internal searches are more advanced and will identify internal vulnerabilities.

Email Protection

Our advanced email protection services work with Microsoft’s own email servers to scan and filter your incoming messages, checking for malware and junk messages. This layered approach helps to prevent phishing taking place in the first place.

Next Gen Antivirus

We can deploy a secure testing environment, known as a sandbox, which is part of next generation malware and antivirus protection incorporating advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find viruses before they have a chance to impact your systems.

Firewall Management

The implementation of a security permitter to your network that forms your first line of defence. Careful configuration allows only the traffic that is important to you to be delivered and our services also include web monitoring and intrusion protection and detection.

Client testimonials

What our clients are saying about us…

  • ITG have supported my companies since 2017 and have proven themselves always willing, able and solutions focused. The team is very friendly and flexible to my priorities. Thoroughly recommended!!
    Ian P
  • Achieving our Cyber Essentials accreditation was made much simpler by having ITG providing guidance while monitoring and securing our network. There really isn't much else to say, but I cannot recommend them enough on behalf of our organisation.
    Tony M
  • We have had a working relationship with ITG now for two years and in that time, they have been exemplary. Everything from our IT back-end management, IT procurement through to cyber awareness, testing and training has been highly professional.
    Tony M
  • Knowing the fabulous ITG support team are on hand to help with any IT issues not only saves many man hours but gives us confidence that we are as secure as we can be from cyber-attacks as well as ensuring our systems are up to date and we are using the latest applications available.
    Maxine R

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