Track email response times and email analytics

We offer a 14 day full feature free trial. No credit card required. timetoreply works with your existing email to give you analytics on how well your sales agents are handling their email enquiries.

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TimeToReply Works with: Outlook, Office 365, Ms Exchange Server, IMAP, Gmail, Mimecast, Mac Mail, Yahoo.

Measure Reply Times

Measure Individual Mailboxes

Measure ALL new incoming emails for an individual email account (e.g. [email protected]).

Measure Group Mailboxes

Measure a group email address where the enquiries are sent to your sales team such as [email protected]

Measure Web Forms

Use our filters to monitor response time to  enquiries via your webforms.

Display Your Reply Time

Once you are proud of your average reply time, display it on your website and more people will contact you.


View analytics such as reply time, time to open, customer opens, customer replies & real-time sales agent leaderboards to incentivise staff.

Powerful Report Filtering

Know exactly how long you take to respond to customer A vs customer B using our powerful report filtering.

SLA Measurement

Need to measure a reply time for SLA purposes? Our software measures all incoming and outgoing mails for reply times.

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