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Beat the heat – protect your technology during hot spells

We are currently experiencing unprecedented hot weather that is set to continue for some days. And with the height of summer still to come, it's essential to acknowledge the impact that rising temperatures can have on your technology infrastructure.

Heat can wreak havoc on your servers, networking equipment, and other critical components, leading to potential performance drops, downtime, and potential damage. It can cause electronic components to overheat, resulting in system malfunctions, data corruption, and hardware failures.

To ensure uninterrupted operations, it is crucial to protect your technology infrastructure from the heat during hot sunny spells. Here are some of the things you should consider.

1. Ensure adequate ventilation and airflow:

You should ensure airflow within your server room by keeping equipment organised, maintaining an open layout, and removing obstructions that impede airflow. Consider removing stored items.

2. Temperature monitoring:

Temperature sensors and monitoring systems can be installed to track ambient temperatures. These tools can provide real-time alerts and help identify potential hotspots before they become critical.

3. Cooling Systems:

If your comms area has air conditioning, ensure that it is turned onto the coolest setting possible with the oscillating function turned on. If you don’t have air conditioning, then consider a fan or portable cooling unit. It’s also important to ensure proper maintenance and regular inspections of these cooling systems.

4. Remove redundant equipment:

If your IT or telephony equipment has recently been replaced or upgraded, remove any redundant equipment from your cabinets. Some infrastructure could still be live so check with your IT or comms provider before turning off.

5. Backup data:

Ensure that you test your data backup solution and make sure that key systems are protected to ensure continuity and prevent data loss.

6. Security first

Hot conditions may prevent you from operating without opening doors or windows to allow more air to circulate and lower the ambient temperature. Under such circumstances, it is vital that the comms area remains secure so a trusted employee should be nearby to ensure no malicious actions are taken.

Protecting your technology infrastructure from excessive heat is crucial to maintain optimal performance, minimise downtime, and extend the lifespan of your equipment. By taking action and staying proactive, you can beat the heat and ensure uninterrupted operations throughout hot sunny spells.