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Is your Microsoft 365 secure?

When moving to a cloud environment, Microsoft takes care of everything, right?

Well, not quite and as more and more companies move to the cloud, it’s vital that you understand which security tasks are handled by Microsoft and those that need to be handled by you via your IT support department or partner.

To help explain the responsibilities and to ensure accountability, Microsoft has developed its Office 365 Shared Responsibility Model and Report that identifies the security obligations of the cloud provider, that is Microsoft, and its users, that is you.

The graphic below is taken from the report and shows that when managing your own IT infrastructure on premises, the responsibility for the security of that complete infrastructure is yours.

However, when moving to the cloud, some but not all of security is handed off to the provider. There are different cloud deployment types but for all of them you own your data and identities. Regardless of the type of cloud deployment, you are always responsible for data, endpoints, accounts and access management.

Without a back-up of your Office 365 then access and control of your data could be limited, there could be security vulnerabilities and you could be at risk of data loss, not to mention regulatory exposure.

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