Measure your teams email responsiveness with Time To Reply

We all work in the hope that our prized assets, namely our customers are being looked after and responded to in the best possible way. The time it takes to reply to an email enquiry from an exisiting or a new potential client, speaks volumes about the kind of company you are and the future service level expectations. The longer the intial and follow up responses take, the less likely it is that person will feel wanted and valued by your organisation.

How effective is your team at responding to your clients?

With no realtime metrics and reporting in place, all you can do is hope and expect that all of your team is responding in a timely fashion. An overworked member of staff, or one with an unresolved issue, can be the difference between loss and retention of the valuable revenue your business relies upon.

Time To Reply is a low cost solution for assisting with customer retention by automatically recording and reporting your email users efficiency at responding to their emails. iTG is the exclusive reseller for the UK and Europe for this unique solution that will take the guess work out of customer service response times. Time To Reply is very simple to set up and requires no invasive software to be installed and set up is free. Time To Reply works with: Outlook, Office 365, MS Exchange Server, IMAP, Gmail, Mimecast, Mac Mail, Yahoo.

You have 100 times better chance at securing a prospect if you respond within 5 minutes (source: Havard Business Review) Time To Reply helps you reply to your prospects while you are still on their mind, increasing your chances of catching them in a buying mindset.

Free 14 day trial or book a demo

Onboarding is very simple and no credit card is required for a free 14 day trial. Alternatively book an online demonstration with one of our Time To Reply specialists by calling us on +44(0)1625 613633 or email [email protected]

All technical support is included in the cost of the monthly subscription from iTG’s, dedicated help desk team located in Cheshire, UK.

  • Measure Reply Times
  • Measure Individual Mailboxes
  • Measure Group Mailboxes
  • Measure Web Forms
  • Powerful Report Filtering
  • Automated emailed reports to users and admin
  • SLA Measurement

To learn more about how Time To Reply works click here

How much does it cost?

The pricing is simple and is billed automatically on a monthly basis the first mailbox cost is – $29 (approx £21.50 / €25.20). Each subsequent mailbox cost is $5 (approx £3.70 / €4.35) per month per user. The mailbox account can be adjusted on a month by month basis.  Because Time To Reply is such a good investment and such a useful measurement of performace there is no long term contractual tie in. Sign up today for an in-depth easy to operate analysis of email responsiveness within your organisation.

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