iTG is closely monitoring the Government advice for Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have put together the following advice to help businesses prepare themselves.

Following on from our initial advice we issued last week, we wanted to offer further tips to maximise the practical use of the internet from your home.

The majority of home internet connections, even super fast subscriptions are contended bandwidth or put simply, you share your internet speed with your neighbours. If the likely scenario occurs that your entire family, are confined to your home you will probably have maximum demand and usage of your internet connection.

The following information includes our best practice methods to maximise your own allocation of internet speed and what to do to be ready to work from home.

What to do now in preparation for working from home

  • We recommend testing your home working environment as soon as possible.
  • Please keep in mind that your home network, unlike your office infrastructure is unknown to us.
  • Each home working situation will be different, please be patient with our help desk staff as we will have to feel our way around.
  • If you cannot connect a VOIP telephone, App or connect to the office infrastructure please book an VOIP appointment.
  • You will need to be at home for us to help you, and we will need you to have details of your ISP and preferably your router access.
  • If you have a slow connection we expect you to have implemented our recommendations shown below before you get in touch with our helpdesk ([email protected] or 01625 613633).
  • Please download and install our remote support tool before contacting us for support here (
  • Do you know how you will work from home? Do you have access to collaboration tools for remote working, if you do not please read our previous article or, if you are still unsure get in touch with our helpdesk ([email protected] or 01625 613633).

*The majority of iTG clients are on Office 365, please contact us if you are unsure.

How to maximise your home internet access speed

  • Do not stream video or music whilst working from home as these are very bandwidth intensive.
  • Game consoles for online gaming will take a large chunk of internet speeds, maybe encourage out of normal working hours gaming.
  • A VPN is very secure, this is our recommended method of connection to your office network.
  • However a VPN connection is slower than a standard connection due to double authentication and the office bandwidth restrictions.
  • We suggest for video conferencing and browsing the web consider dropping the VPN and only use this method for access to sensitive data.
  • Video conferencing for meetings will be in high demand, consider very early meetings before most people login to work to gain a better shared connection experience.
  • Voice over IP telephony is the only way to provide effective telephone continuity.
  • If you have an iTG OneVoice service you can simply plug your phone into your router or use the App on your mobile or computer we make available to all of our customers. This will allow you to answer and make calls from your office number and desk extension.*
  • Purge your home network of devices using Wi-Fi connections, these include mobile phones and tablets and home appliances IOT devices (internet of things) as they all use bandwidth.
  • Encourage home mobile users to switch off Wi-Fi and use 4g data between 9am and 5pm.

*The majority of iTG clients are using iTG OneVoice other providers may have the same capabilities, please contact us if you are unsure.

Very limited Laptop availability

We are experiencing a massive surge in the purchase of laptops for the inevitable remote working from home requirements. Just like other commodities these are in very short supply. If you think you may need portable computers, we recommend placing an order today for a laptop.  We have been told by all of our suppliers that there is a worldwide shortage of these, we can still obtain a very limited supply, but this situation is changing daily. The following rules have been implemented by all hardware distributors and we will need to mirror these.

  • No orders to be held without a Purchase Order
  • Once a purchase is confirmed we need a confirmed PO number or payment within 2hrs
  • Any stock currently allocated will need to be shipped or cancelled down by close of business the same day.

Revert & Review – see our previous article

If you have any specific requirements or concerns, please email our helpdesk or call us on 01625 613 633.

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